Beta Testing is Complete


Our Most Popular Light just got Better.

Adding Color has never been so easy.


Choose between 3 color changing modes with 6 available color slots, or keep it simple with a single color.

What's different from Beta?

New Motion Sensing Features

The main improvement from the beta version is the addition of an accelerometer to detect when the light is in motion.

Improved Battery Life

When the light is not being used it enters deep sleep to improve standby battery life by 300% from the beta version.

Faster App Pairing

When motion is detected, the light enters an active state for faster pairing to the ShredLights app.

Automatic turn on/off

Use the app to enable auto on when motion is detected, and auto off after no motion is detected for 2 minutes.

*These features are exclusive to the final SL-FX+ version and cannot be updated on the beta version since it does not have an accelerometer.

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