How to Install the ShredLights SL-200 on Any Skateboard

Best Lights for Any Skateboard or Longboard 

Designing skateboard mounts to fit every skateboard, longboard and electrical skateboard is no easy task. Some boards have lots of space to add ShredLights, and some boards have very little space. In this post, we'll cover how to use the SL 200 skateboard mounts.



How to install the SL 200 and how to find the right mounts for your skateboard.

To install any ShredLights skateboard mount, remove the nuts from one side of your truck. Then place the mount onto the screws. Retighten your hardware until the mount is secure. Repeat the process on the other side of your truck at the second mount. Once the skateboard mount is in place, take the SL 200 light, push on the top of the lens until the light slides in and S-lock clips into place. To remove, press on the S-lock clip gently away from the light, push on the back of the light to slide it out of the mouth. 


Universal Mounting System for Any Longboard, Skateboard, or Electric Skateboard

The standard skateboard mount is the most versatile mount and can be mounted on the front truck of all boards and the rear truck of most boards. The quarter-inch step design allows lights to be mounted on a flat surface as seen on drop through style trucks.

The standard mount will not work on the rear truck of boards that do not have at least an inch and a half of space around the base plate of the truck. The flat skateboard mount is very similar to the standard mount and will work on the rear truck of most hub motor boards with at least an inch and a half of space around the rear truck.

It provides extra space between the mounting holes to allow for any motor cables going into the base plate of the truck and it also has a rear mounting hole that will fit into the mellow drive.

Lastly, it has a shorter mounting base if you want to avoid overhang on your front truck. The angled mount is designed to fit any boosted longboard with at least half inch risers. It places the light out of the way for maximum cars. It also works to mount taillights on the top of dropped new style trucks. The extended skateboard mount was designed for rear trucks with limited space such as the Raptor 2 or the Boosted Mini.

It places the lights away from the truck while maintaining full usage of kicktail. It can also be used to install lights on top of Drop 2 style trucks. With so many ways to mount ShredLights. You may be wondering which mounts are right for you. We created this suggested fitting guide so you can purchase the right mounts. But keep in mind, there may be more than one option for your bpard. Check out some examples in the video above. The power mounts looks on the most popular boards. If you have any other questions not answered in this video or suggestions for new mounts, please reach out to us at

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