SL-200 Provides Lights for Your Longboard, Electric Skateboard, Onewheels and more

How to Use the ShredLights SL-200 and 3 Tips for Daily Use

Hello fellow Shredders! Jacob here, in this post, we're going to go over all the new features at the SL 200 light and some tips for everyday use.


The SL 200 light is 2 inches long, 1  inch wide and 1 inch tall, and only weighs 50 grams. The outer casing is made of a shock-resistant shell and a soft-touch finish that easily wipes clean after riding.


Rechargeable Lights and Easy Mounting

Charging is made easy with a micro USB port that can be easily accessed while the lights are installed. The lens will shine red while charging in green when fully charged. The USB cover is made from a durable silicone rubber that ensures you can keep the charging port sealed while riding.


Water Resistant Design

The USB cover and front overeem provide a water resistance rating of IP 65 which means you can ride through puddles without a worry. The SL 200 has a custom far focus lens to throw the light as far as possible. The light is focused into a 15-degree center beam that shines up to 25 feet and can be seen from 2000 feet away.

Identical buttons on both sides and the SL 200 make it easy to use no matter where it's mounted. Press either side to turn the light on and cycle through all six light modes. To turn the lights off, you have two options. Either hold down one of the side buttons for 1.5 seconds or press both buttons simultaneously. The light will return to its last setting next time you turn it on.


Patented S-Lock for Easy Installation & Removal

On the underside of the SL 200 is the S-lock attachment mechanism. S-lock is easy to use and provides a reliable hold against intense vibrations. You can also swap lights out in between mounts in seconds.

We'll go more in-depth on S-lock in an upcoming video. Now that we've covered the features of the SL 200, let's go over some tips for daily use.

1. Easily turn off your lights when you arrive at your destination by pressing and holding the outside button of each light.

2. Combine different flash settings to create a completely unique and changing flash pattern to make sure you're always visible.

3. Install a single white light on the front and rear of your board in the fastest flash setting to increase visibility during daytime riding.

Thanks for reading!

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