Headlights and Taillights for Exway & Backfire Electric Skateboards

Headlights and Taillights for Exway & Backfire Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are more than just an expensive toy. They are literal vehicles that can cut down on your commute time and expenses drastically. Particularly in city settings, this mode of transportation has proven to reap big benefits for those willing to learn. And it all begins with your choice of board. 

Exway electric skateboards are a popular choice with beginners thanks to the affordability of many of its models. They offer a decent range of at about 16 miles, with some models easily surpassing speeds of over 25 mph. The brand offers a wide variety of models with differing specs. 

Backfire is another highly respectable skateboarding brand out of China. With so many clones in the market, it may actually be the biggest brand in the business. Having been around since 2009 and regularly releasing new models, they may also offer the widest variety of options. So whether your priority is comfort, speed, or affordability, chances are you will find a good selection to choose from here. 

Exway and Backfire skateboards are good brands to consider whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert skater. While their designs and specs may vary somewhat, their need for lights is universal. 

Lights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards are a must when riding in low light. It can be very dangerous to skateboard when you cannot easily see the road and are not being seen by other road users. Skateboards can easily trip you up when encountering stones and cracks. This is why you need to be able to maneuver around such obstacles and depressions. However, even with maximum practice, you cannot avoid what you cannot see. 

To ensure your safety when riding under darkened conditions, it is necessary to install headlights and taillights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards. ShredLights SL-200 lights are an ideal choice as they meet all the criteria required of such accessories for skateboarding. 

Headlights for Exway and Backfire Electric Skateboards

These are the front-facing lights for Exway and Backfire skateboards that point in the direction the skater is aiming to go. Just as with car headlights, they need to be quite powerful so the skater has enough leeway to spot dangers and avoid them. 

The bright LED lights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards provide visibility of up to 30 feet. That is ample room in which to keep an eye out for anything that could cause a wipe out. At 200 lumens, these white lights are also bright enough to ensure any oncoming traffic sees you as well. Road users can spot these lights as far off as 2,000 feet. 

It is advisable to make use of the flashing capability of these lights when you feel the need for enhanced visibility. There are three different modes you can use to ensure that no matter what, you are seen. 

Exway and Backfire lights also need to be durable. The SL-200 has a robust construction and a shock-resistant casing. When shredding, there are bound to be scrapes and bumps along the way. With road surfaces also varied in terms of smoothness/roughness, your board and lights will need to be able to bear the strain. 

The SL-200 also makes for suitable waterproof lights for Exway and Backfire skateboards. They are IP65 water-resistant certified. With models like the Exway X1 Pro-Riot and the Backfire Ranger X2 that do handle water exposure well, these lights do make for a good match. Do however remember that most boards are not suited to riding in wet conditions, especially for extended periods. 

Taillights for Exway and Backfire Electric Skateboards

These are positioned on the rear truck to face backward. Just as with other vehicles, they are colored red. Taillights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards are also important for skaters. Because they face the opposite direction, they ensure that vehicles following a skater can gauge their distance better. 

Keeping a safe distance with other road users is vital in avoiding the risk of collisions. When a driver keeps the red lights visible at that low level, it means they have left a reasonable braking distance should the skater come to a sudden stop. 

If you are still worried about being visible from behind, it may be worthwhile to invest in single lights and clip them on to mounts on your backpack or helmet. This higher level of mounting will certainly make you more directly visible to drivers. 

Why Choose SL-200 Lights

The SL-200 lights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards are the flagship product offered by ShredLights. They are highly affordable and make for a great investment thanks to their versatility and durability. 

The patented S-lock mechanism that secures the lights to their mounts ensures they are firmly held in place. Combined with the robust construction, shock-resistant design, and waterproof sealing, these hardy lights remain reliably functional even when exposed to rough conditions. 

Aside from the excellent visibility provided, these mountable lights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards also easily accommodate extended use. With 150 hours of battery life, you do not have to worry much about having to charge them as often as you would your smartphone. And even when you have to, there is an easily accessible USB port that allows for plug-in even when mounted on the board. 

For beginners and the cost-conscious, affordability may also be a key consideration. Despite being considered by many professionals and enthusiasts as the best lights for Exway and Backfire electric skateboards, the SL-200 are surprisingly affordable. With combo packs, skaters can get all they need to install their lights on several boards at a single great price. Even those that prefer access to individual parts to make their own mods, it would be hard to find better deals elsewhere. 

If you have an Exway and/or Backfire skateboard, you need to ensure your personal safety when riding in low light. This can happen during the day, as well as at night. 

To find all you need to install these lights on whatever board, visit our product page here for more details. Whatever brand and model of board you have, you can use this helpful fit guide to identify the correct mounts to order. 

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