SL-200 Firmware Upgrade

Starting April 23rd, 2020 all SL-200 white and red lights have been programmed with our updated 2020 firmware. While brightness and battery life will remain the same, there are two key updates we’d like to share with you. 

Directional Button Settings

With the original SL-200 firmware, both buttons have identical functionality. Meaning if the light was in mode 3 (Full power), pressing either side button would take the light into mode 4 (Slow Flash). The updated 2020 firmware will be a slightly different experience. Now, if the light is in mode 3 (Full power), pressing one side button will take the light up into mode 4 (Slow flash), but pressing the opposite side button will take the light down into mode 2 (Medium power). This makes it easier to compare the light modes and pick the one that’s best for you. It’s also convenient for helmet mounted lights so you can quickly dim your light to avoid blinding other riders. 

Delayed Power On

The original SL-200 firmware was set to power on instantly when either side button was pressed. With the new 2020 firmware, either side button must be pressedand held for at least 0.5 seconds to power the light on. This prevents lights from turning on when not in use. 



How can you upgrade your lights? 

As mentioned above, all new lights shipped after April 23rd, 2020 have been programmed with the new firmware. However, if you live in the United States and want the 2020 firmware, there is an option to upgrade your lights by mailing them to us. Once we receive your lights, it will be 3-5 business days to upgrade them before mailing them back to you. This offer will cost $15 and will include return shipping back to you. Given current circumstances, we will be offering the upgrade through the summer months and will be taking extra sanitary precautions while handling your lights.

You can purchase the 2020 Firmware Upgrade here.


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