Which ESK8 Lights are Brightest?

Which ESK8 Lights are Brightest?

See how bright ShredLights are compared to other ESK8 lighting options.

Lower Price = Less Visibility

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This couldn't be more true when it comes to buying lights for your electric skateboard. Cheap lights are better than no lights at all, but if you're looking to ride safely at night then it's definitely worth investing in brighter lights to see the road ahead and be seen by cars and other pedestrians.


Headlights Comparison

You can never be sure of road conditions. Headlights for your electric skateboard help you see oncoming terrain so you can react quickly and avoid accidents. 

20 mph = 29.3 Feet Per Second




Rear Lights Comparison

Rear lights for your electric skateboard are a must-have to let drivers know you are there and give you the confidence you need to enjoy night rides to the fullest. Longer trails of light increase your visibility from the sides and maximize your chances of being seen at busy intersections.





Skateboard Lights We Compared

Eggboard Lights - $25

Includes: 1 Front & 1 Rear light | Brightness: None Listed

iWonder Lights - $28

Includes: 1 Light | Brightness: 15 Lumens

Backfire Cannon - $80

Includes: 2 Headlights Brightness: 600 Lumens

Backfire Xlite - $45

Includes: 2 Rear Lights Brightness: None Listed


ShredLights SL-300 - $65

Includes: 2 Headlights Brightness: 600 Lumens


ShredLights SL-1000 - $160

Includes: 2 Headlights Brightness: 2000 Lumens


ShredLights SL-R1 - $65

Includes: 2 Rear Lights Brightness: 80 Lumens


Need More Visibility?

If you're riding an electric skateboard exceeding speeds of 20 mph, then helmet lights are highly recommended to decrease shadows and cast light further than lights mounted to your board. You can learn more at our blog on Skateboard Lights vs. Helmet Lights.

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