SL-1000 Fit Guide

Where can the SL-1000 be used?

The SL-1000 utilizes the same S-LOCK mounting as the SL-200 which means you can swap your SL-1000 and SL-200 between any of our S-LOCK mounts . The SL-1000 will fit on the Standard skateboard mounts on most boards, but do have some special requirements with certain boards which we will cover in this blog. The SL-1000 will not have any fitting issues with all of the mounts below:

Since the SL-1000 is larger than the SL-200, it requires slightly more space when installed underneath on skateboards and Onewheel's. Below is the full breakdown.

Where will the SL-1000 not fit?

Due to size constraints, the SL-1000 will not work with the following setups:

  • Under the side rail of the Onewheel Pint.
    • The SL-1000 can be installed on the Pint fender with the curved sticky mounts or adjustable helmet mount.
    • The SL-200 does fit underneath the side rail of the Pint (installation guide).
    • The SL-1000 will fit underneath the side rails of the Onewheel XR & Plus.
  • Standard Mounts under Evolve Double Kingpin Trucks
    • There is not enough space between the deck and trucks to fit the SL-1000 with standard skateboard mounts.
    • The SL-1000 will fit with standard mounts on top of the deck.
    • A Flat Sticky Mount can be used underneath instead (see below).

SL-1000 Skateboard Fit Guide

Standard Mounts vs. Flat Mounts

Since the SL-1000 has a larger footprint, we found that the light was coming in contact with the trucks on some boards. Flipping the Standard mounts so the step is facing towards the deck allows for more clearance between the SL-1000 on boards with larger risers as seen on all Boosted Boards.

Boards with smaller risers like the Exway Flex do not leave enough space (at least 7mm) for S-LOCK to work with the standard mounts flipped towards the deck.

For these boards, the flat mount is the best option as seen below.

Here is another angle showing the added space from using the flat mount on the Exway Flex trucks.

To avoid fitting issues upon delivery,every SL-1000 skateboard pack will include one pair of standard mounts AND one pair of flat mounts to provide the best fit for your board.

Top Mounting the SL-1000 with Standard Mounts

With limited space under the Evolve Double Kingpin trucks and some drop through trucks, the SL-1000 will not fit underneath with the standard mounts like the SL-200 can. For these boards, we recommend installing the standard mount on top of the trucks above the deck. You can flip it to the inside for a single centered light, or double up as with a mount on each side.

Adjusting The Angle of Your Top Mounted Lights

If you have a flexible deck with a top mounted light, the light may point up when you stand on the deck and it flexes inward. To help alleviate this, you can pick up a spacer kit to angle the standard mounts to angle down more. When the deck flexes inward, this will help keep the light level instead of pointing up. The spacer kit includes 8 washers that are 2mm thick each so you may also need to pick up some longer hardware to compensate for the additional space.

If you prefer to mount your lights underneath the deck on a drop through style deck, we recommend using the Flat Sticky Mounts with VHB tape. Just make sure to install the mount with enough space in front of the mounts so the light can be installed and removed.

Return Policy Extension

As we get the first SL-1000 units shipping, we will be learning more about any other issues the bigger light may have fitting on skateboards not covered in this blog. If you find that your SL-1000 does not fit on your skateboard please let us know and you can return your light(s) to us for a full refund as long everything has not been used. This will override our usual 30-day return window due to the shipping delays with the SL-1000.

We also recommend using the SL-1000 on your helmet if you experience any fitting issues on your skateboard. Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions!

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