How to Install Underglow on Surron or Talaria in 5 Minutes with No Wires or Soldering

How to Install Underglow on Surron or Talaria in 5 Minutes with No Wires or Soldering

See how John, AKA @Suicide.shots, mounts the SL-FX+ on his Surron Electric Bike.

Riding around at high speeds in the dark can be dangerous... What can you do to make it a little less dangerous you might ask?

Well you could strap a bullhorn to your chest and take the title of most annoying man (or woman) on the street...or you could play it much classier and be the talk of the town (in a good way) with ShredLights. 

The Surron Underglow Kit is the perfect way to maintain max visibility while also adding a cool aesthetic to your PEV.



The SL-FX+ is super easy to install utilizing the patented "S-lock" technology that comes standard on all of their mount options.

I personally found that the bar mount has unlimited mounting points on my Surron as well as my back-pack. The stretchy-loop design allows it to mount to just about ANYTHING that you can get the belt around and is virtually vibration proof.

I mounted one directly under my seat and another behind my motor to give an even spread of light all throughout and around my bike for maximum visibility.




Not only are the SL-FX's super easy to mount but most important of all they are super versatile. You can pair up to 8 lights to each other without even needing to use your phone. Just hold the power buttons synchronously for 5 seconds and BAM their now synced up and ready to rip. Slap them anywhere on your vehicle and you are ready for a night on the town.

The SL-FX+ are also fully controllable via the iPhone app and will have an android app coming soon, giving you total control of your illuminati um I mean illumination experience.

Last but not least the SL-FX's are IPX7 waterproof and have a 1 year warranty with the absolute best customer service in the game.  No joke, these guys seriously have the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Everyone that works at ShredLights is a part of the PEV community and therefore they take deep pride and satisfaction in providing a reliable, sturdy, and convenient product.



If you are looking for a cheap, reliable form of insurance to make sure you stay safe out there while riding, I cannot recommend ShredLights enough. 

ShredLights truly are the lightest, brightest, most compact and cost effective form of insurance currently on the market for night rides on your Surron. No other lighting solution lasts longer, can be mounted more easily, or has the customer care that ShredLights has, which is why I highly recommend the Surron LED underglow kit.

Stay safe out there.

- @Suicide.shots

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