Our Story

ShredLights were first conceived in 2013 in the Z.I.P. Launchpad, located on campus at San Diego State University. From the help of this amazing program for entrepreneurs, headlights for skateboards were born. The ShredLights founders began to design and test mounting systems for attaching the lights. Although all the early designs broke after short use, the team discovered that the lights needed some key features; they had to be removable, rechargeable, durable, and absolutely could not alter the performance of the users skateboard.

Thirty plus design changes and a year later, the first ShredLights were ready for market. The first lights sold were completely 3D printed, assembled by hand between classes. The first 20 pairs sold out in less than week. Over the next few months, sales continued to trickle in, but so did some returns. The customers were refunded and promised that a better product could be made with the right materials.

Back to the drawing board… sort of. Taking feedback from customer interviews, the team modified the current design by doubling the lens size and strengthening the rubber by 200%. 3D printing was also eliminated completely to lock in production accuracy.  With much anticipation, the world’s most advanced skateboard lights were unveiled in the summer of 2016. ShredLights remain the only removable lighting system that can be skated as if it wasn’t there; until you turn them on that is.

ShredLights High beams are a testament to the team’s dedication and mission for innovation.