Skateboard Combo Pack

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A compact light kit with 600-2000 lumens of headlight power and 80 lumens of tail light power to see up to 30m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away. Click here to learn more about our skateboard mounting system.


  • 2 x SL-300
  • 2 x SL-R1
  • 2 x Skateboard Mounts
  • 2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • Quick-Release Mounting

    S-LOCK mounting is easy to install and allows you to quickly remove ShredLights for charging or switching to between different boards, bikes, helmets and more.

    Be Seen From 2 km Away.

    Not all lights are created equal. Research shows that a focused lens design combined with interruptive flashing patterns can make riders up to 2.5x more visible to drivers, even during the day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 511 reviews
    Joseph G. (Phoenix, United States)
    Combo pack with SL1000

    These lights are seriously powerful! They light up your path like a champ. I'm rocking these on a Ownboard Zeus Pro and I couldn't be more satisfied. I highly recommend!

    M.G. (Exeter, United States)
    Great light set

    Bright lights, helps to be seen during the night. Cars trucks etc are dangerous when riding, good product to bring more visibility to the rider.

    Art (Abingdon, United States)
    Shredlights Rock!

    These things are awesome! We have the whole suite of shredlight products. Great functionality!

    Amir L. (Holon, Israel)
    Nice looking

    Until now works for me

    Jimmy R. (San Diego, United States)
    The Best!!!!

    I love them, and will be ordering more, just waiting for my new helmet to come in, I’m kind of weird, I want them for everything I don’t like to change from one thing to another, looking to get ground effects for my Eskate, shout out to SDESK8 for leading the way!!!

    Richard C. (Miami, United States)
    Great Lights! couldn't be happier!!

    purchased at Esk8con event in Vegas and great to meet the company in person. The flexibility of moving lights seamlessly between my eskates, ebikes, bike, and helmet make this on eof the most versatile products available. I did have a metal lense cover part come off during a ride recently after installing, but luckily teh part fell onto the skate deck when i was riding and was rattling so i noticed. i simply screwed on tight and all good! I can't fault the product as i bought a unit that many were handling at the shred lights table and assume it was just from people playing with the product and its construction and it just wasn't twisted on tight. No biggie and no RMA needed! Great job keeping us seen and safe guys!!

    A.B. (Cicero, United States)
    Great stuff

    High quality product. Super bright. S-lock system is great. If you are planning on riding safely at night, this is what you need. Highly recommend. Worth the price for sure in my opinion. Just waiting on my SL-FX kit to finish the look. Review for those coming soon :-)

    Rob O. (San Francisco, United States)
    Incredibly bright

    Lights are great and easy to install. Cap on light fell off while riding. Long term concern

    Dominic N. (Kailua, United States)
    Make no mistake

    If you’re like me you grew up with aspirations of holding the power of the sun…in your hands. Well look no further fam, these lights are bright! And by bright I mean they’ll shine through peoples BS! No lie, got a co-worker whose sole job is to strum that last nerve you’ve been hiding? Pop one of these super portable light sabers out and sprits him in the eyes with some self reflecting truth serum. They’ll crawl back to the darkness whence they came. Then you can properly engage your mini durable cosmic beacon of hope onto your eboard and ironically enough, ride off into the sunset like the damn hero that you are. You know the light on top of the Luxor in Vegas? Yea, it’s just one of these pro-rated photon emitters! Not only can you paint your night path so clearly tall skinny green dudes with big eyes will come to investigate, but you could quickly thwart their chance of de-engineering this technology by removing said beacon and jam Big Bang brightness into their face receptors! Once again saving the world in just one road trip. Don’t be a fool and pick some of these custom crafted, Mariana Trench navigating lights up now!

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