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See Why Riders Love ShredLights


"I purchased several items recently for my Meepo Hurricane to make my night rides more safe. Boy, am I glad I did! They are perfect. They light up my night rides beautifully and they are built like trucks too!" - Roddy S.

"Good Product, Great Customer Service."

"The only thing better than this product is the amazing customer service that comes with it. Look forward to buying many more products from them!!" - Woody W.

"Super Bright"

"I ride almost every night for 15-20 miles with lights mounted on my Kaly which were great but didn’t really get over all the little bumps and hills. Mounted an SL-1000 on my helmet, and wow what a difference." - Tom D.

"the Coolest Upgrade"

"I was on the fence about night riding until I found ShredLights. Now I night ride all the time. They are awesomely bright and easy to mount. All my neighbor's have came out to see what I was riding." - Scott K.

"Great Stuff"

"High quality product. Super bright. S-lock system is great. If you are planning on riding safely at night, this is what you need. Highly recommend. Worth the price for sure in my opinion." - A.B.

"My Favorite Company"

"Excellent customer service. Personal, fast, understanding, and appreciative of the riders that rely on their product to ride at all times of the day and be safe while doing it" - Cory S.

"Excellent Lights"

"I purchased the skateboard combo pack, SL-FX and helmet lights. All are great - the helmet light is a must for seeing far enough ahead when skating in near total darkness." - Huib V.